X-Ops: Integrated Operational Excellence

At Agilité, X-Ops represents the symphony of operational models that harmonize to optimize and secure your technological landscape. We've crafted a suite of X-Ops services that propel your operations to the forefront of efficiency and innovation

Agilité redefines operational efficiency by integrating best-in-class practices from DevOps, DataOps, SecOps, MLOps, and FinOps. Our X-Ops services ensure that your organization is agile, data-driven, secure, and cost-efficient.

Our Expertise in Your Industry

With a keen focus on startups and titans in the healthcare and life sciences sectors, we bring a wealth of experience and bespoke solutions to organizations like SaaS products companies, payors and IDFS, and emerging biotech innovators. Our deep industry knowledge enables us to navigate these verticals' unique challenges and opportunities, creating products that meet regulatory requirements and deliver exceptional user experiences.

Our Key X-Ops Offerings:

CI/CD Pipeline Engineering:

Streamlined and automated pipelines for consistent, reliable software delivery.

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE):

Ensuring maximum system reliability and uptime.

Cloud Architecture and Management:

Expertise across AWS, Azure, GCP, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, and Gov Cloud.

Tool Management:

Proficiency in Jira, Jenkins, GitHub, SonarQube, ADO, AWS DevOps, and more.

Target Outcomes:

Efficiency and Speed:

Accelerate deployment with continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Cost Optimization:

Intelligent FinOps practices to manage and reduce cloud expenses.

Security Integration:

Embedding security into every phase with SecOps.

Data Agility:

Rapid and responsible DataOps for a seamless data lifecycle.

Machine Learning Scalability:

Streamlined MLOps to deploy and manage AI models effectively.

Service Level Excellence:

Engineering systems to meet and exceed SLOs and SLAs.

Technological Prowess:

We leverage a wide array of tools and platforms:

Configuration Management:

Mastery in Ansible, Puppet, Chef.


Advanced monitoring with Prometheus, Grafana, Nagios.

CI/CD Tools:

Proficiency in Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, Circle CI.

Security Tools:

Utilizing the latest in vulnerability scanners and intrusion detection systems.

Our Expertise:

  • Certified Experts: Our team holds top-tier certifications from AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Kubernetes, and in cybersecurity.
  • Coding Mastery: We speak the language of digital innovation fluently with expertise in Python, Bash, Go, and more.
  • Systems Administration: Commanding Linux and Windows administration to manage and optimize your infrastructure.
  • Proven Experience: A decade of delivering and supporting large-scale, production-grade systems.

Join the Operational Revolution

Ready to harness the power of integrated operations to propel your organization forward? Connect with Agilité for a consultation, and let’s engineer a future where your operations are as advanced as your ambitions.