Integrated Operational Excellence

At Agilité, X-Ops represents the symphony of operational models that harmonize to optimize and secure your technological landscape. We've crafted a suite of X-Ops services that propel your operations to the forefront of efficiency and innovation

Agilité redefines operational efficiency by integrating best-in-class practices from DevOps, DataOps, SecOps, MLOps, and FinOps. Our X-Ops services ensure that your organization is agile, data-driven, secure, and cost-efficient.

Our X-Ops Offerings

CI/CD Pipeline Engineering:

Streamlined and automated pipelines for consistent, reliable software delivery.

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE):

Ensuring maximum system reliability and uptime.

Cloud Architecture and Management:

Expertise across AWS, Azure, GCP, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, and Gov Cloud.

Tool Management:

Proficiency in Jira, Jenkins, GitHub, SonarQube, ADO, AWS DevOps, and more.

Target Outcomes:

Efficiency and Speed:

Accelerate deployment with continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Cost Optimization:

Intelligent FinOps practices to manage and reduce cloud expenses.

Security Integration:

Embedding security into every phase with SecOps.

Data Agility:

Rapid and responsible DataOps for a seamless data lifecycle.

Machine Learning Scalability:

Streamlined MLOps to deploy and manage AI models effectively.

Service Level Excellence:

Engineering systems to meet and exceed SLOs and SLAs.

Our X-Ops Offerings

Configuration Management:

Mastery in Ansible, Puppet, Chef.


Advanced monitoring with Prometheus, Grafana, Nagios.

CI/CD Tools:

Proficiency in Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, Circle CI.

Security Tools:

Utilizing the latest in vulnerability scanners and intrusion detection systems.

Our Experience

Certified Experts:

Our team holds top-tier certifications from AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Kubernetes, and in cybersecurity.

Coding Mastery:

We speak the language of digital innovation fluently with expertise in Python, Bash, Go, and more.

Systems Administration:

Commanding Linux and Windows administration to manage and optimize your infrastructure.

Proven Experience:

A decade of delivering and supporting large-scale, production-grade systems.

Join the Operational Revolution

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