Our Services

Product Management and Delivery

Agilité stands at the forefront of innovation, specializing in helping CXOs to catalyze industry transformation. With a comprehensive approach encompassing Product Strategy, Management, and Delivery, Agilité utilizes the Pragmatic Framework® to ensure products not only enter the market but dominate it, driving significant revenue. Our expertise extends to startups and established players, focusing on creating solutions that are not just compliant and user-friendly but redefine market standards through a blend of evidence-based decision-making, cross-functional collaboration, and iterative innovation.

Agilité has developed over 100 products, generating revenue upwards of $500M for clients, showcasing our commitment to delivering market-leading, revenue-generating solutions for those looking to make a substantial impact in the industry.

Digital Engineering

Agilité’s Digital Engineering services are pivotal in driving digital transformation, offering a comprehensive, agile, and innovative approach to meet the fast-paced demands of these industries. Our method encompasses a full spectrum of steps from discovery and assessment of current technological and workflow statuses, through strategy and planning, technology selection, and process optimization, to solution engineering, cloud migration, data management, and fostering a digital culture. This iterative approach ensures that digital transformation aligns with evolving business objectives and market conditions.

Agilité excels in technology, demonstrating proven outcomes across diverse projects, focusing on rapid value delivery, accelerated market entry, maximized ROI, and seamless cloud adoption. Our unique 10x Framework, grounded in SAFe Agile principles, and global expertise, offers localized impact, ensuring transformative digital solutions that not only meet but exceed the complex needs of our customers.


Agilité’s X-Ops service harmonizes DevOps, DataOps, SecOps, MLOps, and FinOps into an integrated operational strategy that enhances agility, security, and cost-efficiency in technological landscapes. Key services include CI/CD Pipeline Engineering for consistent software delivery, Site Reliability Engineering for maximum uptime, expert Cloud Architecture and Management across major platforms, and proficient Tool Management. The focus is on accelerating deployment, optimizing costs, integrating security, enhancing data agility, ensuring scalability of machine learning tasks, and achieving service level excellence.

With a team of certified experts in leading cloud services and technology, Agilité brings a proven experience in delivering large-scale systems, offering organizations a partnership to advance their operational capabilities towards integrated operational excellence.

Assurance and Quality Engineering

Agilité boasts a team of certified quality engineers skilled in the latest QA technologies, leveraging innovative automation, performance, and security testing tools to ensure superior software quality. Our processes exemplify efficiency, balancing the need for speed with uncompromised quality. By prioritizing quality as the foundation rather than an afterthought, Agilité commits to transforming your software development approach with an emphasis on quality from the start. This commitment not only enhances the end product but also aligns with Agilité’s ethos of excellence.

Opt for Agilité to ensure your software’s excellence, where quality engineering meets innovation to create software that stands the test of time and technology shifts.

Data Engineering and Analytics

Agilité’s Data Engineering and Analytics transform vast datasets into actionable insights, driving improved outcomes with services tailored to industry-specific challenges. Leveraging deep industry knowledge, we convert complex data into strategic assets to accelerate innovation and ensure compliance with standards. Utilizing AI, machine learning, neural networks, and NLP, Agilité offers advanced predictive insights and intuitive data visualizations, ensuring data-driven strategies enhance client outcomes.

Complemented by our technology expertise, Agilité empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of their data, transforming it into a powerful asset for innovation and growth, making them a pivotal partner for transforming data into actionable insights for industry innovation.

BPO Services

Agilité enhances operational efficiency with specialized Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services for healthcare and life sciences organizations. Our solutions are designed to bolster operational capabilities, enabling firms to concentrate on core competencies and innovation. Agilité’s offerings include Revenue Cycle Management to optimize healthcare reimbursements, Pharma Market Analysis for navigating life sciences trends, Formulary/PAR Data Operations for regulatory compliance, exceptional Customer Support and Services, and HR and Administrative Support services.

By partnering with Agilité, organizations can transform their operations, reduce costs, and enhance service delivery, positioning themselves for growth and innovation in the fast-evolving healthcare and life sciences sectors.

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