Strategic Innovation: Products that Make a Real Difference

In the rapidly evolving realms of healthcare and life sciences, innovation isn't just a buzzword—it's the heartbeat of progress. At Agilité, we stand at the vanguard of this revolution, catalyzing change with groundbreaking products that address critical challenges and unlock new possibilities. Specializing in empowering CTOs and CPOs of private equity and venture capital-backed SaaS companies, we are not just participants but critical drivers in the industry's transformation.

Our services in Product Strategy, Management, and Delivery are not mere offerings; they are methodical extensions of the Pragmatic Framework® and strategic foresight, crafted to ensure that your vision doesn't just take form but commands the market. With an arsenal of proven methodologies and an in-depth understanding of the healthcare and life sciences sectors, we don't just bring products to market—we ensure they lead, disrupt, and yield substantial revenue achievements.

At Agilité, we don't just predict the future; we help you create it.

Our Expertise in Your Industry

With a keen focus on startups and titans in the healthcare and life sciences sectors, we bring a wealth of experience and bespoke solutions to organizations like SaaS products companies, payors and IDFS, and emerging biotech innovators. Our deep industry knowledge enables us to navigate these verticals’ unique challenges and opportunities, creating products that meet regulatory requirements and deliver exceptional user experiences.

Outside-In Perspective

We start with the market needs and work backward, ensuring that every product is crafted with the end-user and commercial viability in mind. We deploy the Pragmatic Framework® to enable this proven and structured approach, aligning all aspects of product development with market demands.

Disruption as a Goal

We aim not just to participate in the market but to change it, introducing products that redefine expectations and establish new standards.

Evidence-Based Decision Making

Our strategies are informed by data, market analysis, and a deep understanding of customer behavior to ensure success.

Cross-functional collaboration

We integrate insights from development, marketing, sales, and customer service to build a holistic product strategy.

Iterative Innovation

Agile and responsive, we adapt to market feedback and evolving needs, ensuring the product remains at the cutting edge throughout its lifecycle.

Strategic Positioning

We carefully position each product to highlight its unique value, creating a compelling narrative that captures the market's attention

Revenue-Driven Development

Every feature, every line of code, is developed with an eye on ROI, ensuring that the product contributes to your bottom line

Why Partner with Agilité

Proven Methodologies:

Our Pragmatic Framework® based strategies ensure that every product is positioned for market success


Our specialization in healthcare and life sciences means we understand your market, challenges, and opportunities.

Revenue-Generating Products:

We don't just create products; we create successful business outcomes with over $500M in generated revenue for our clients.

Experienced Team:

Our professionals (250+) are not just product strategy experts but also veterans in the healthcare and life sciences sectors.

Let's Build the Next Disruptive Product Together

For executives and investors looking to make a significant impact in the healthcare and life sciences domains, Agilité is your go-to partner. Let’s collaborate to transform your visionary ideas into market-defining and revenue-generating products.