Harmonize: Agile Scrum with Global Delivery

The Challenge

The product owner was accountable for end-to-end delivery: from roadmap creation to deployment of capability after engineering at one of our customers. This structure resulted from team composition before Agilité was engaged; each product team consisted of a product owner, a tech lead, and the engineering team. Product priorities frequently changed, and release dates mutated quickly based on client interactions and feedback, making releases a moving target with no single accountable party who could make the team focus on deliverables and meet timelines. This adversely impacted delivery metrics like velocity, defect leakage, team engagement, and higher-than-forecast operating expenses.


The Solution

Using a playbook from our Agilité toolkit, we introduced a scrum master for new product development products teams after analyzing the team on our standard Agilité Agile Maturity Index (AAMI). The AAMI tool helps empirically benchmark teams’ performance to industry standards using our bespoke 10x methodology. The 10x methods also enable the deployment of practices grounded in Agile principles like Agile risk management, backlog grooming, release planning, and retrospectives. Team engagement improved with the product owner, the scrum master, and the tech lead banding together. Other metrics like roadmap deviation, defect leakage, automation testing code coverage, velocity, and cap-ex to op-ex ratios improved.


The Result

After deployment of 10x methods from the Agilité toolkit, and to name a few, we saw the following improvements: 


  • Velocity improved 2x
  • After the adoption of Shift Left methods, quality improved by 95%
  • Regression Automation increased by 100%
  • Risk Age consistently reduced by 1.5x sprint after sprint
  • Zero deviation from product roadmap

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