Globalize: Flexing Talent

The Challenge

Our customer with SaaS products in their portfolio wanted to change offshore engineering center from Europe to India and required the delivery capacity to flex as per strategy without losing momentum. Venture capital or private equity investors typically invest capital in accelerating execution momentum for any strategy in bursts. Therefore, flexing for high-quality engineering talent in concert with the investment cycles that augment existing teams’ productivity without reducing velocity is vital for execution. 


The Solution

Agilité’s scalable, rigorous, and practical engineering hiring methodology has enabled the launch of very effective hiring blitzes to address unmet hiring needs. Using this method, our talent acquisition teams whet candidate pools quickly after many layers of screening in an expeditious manner. In addition to a quality-centered hiring process, Agilité has garnered industry-leading brand equity (as evident by the number of LinkedIn followers), resulting in many applicants seeking avenues to join the team. 


The Result

Our customer pivoted its augmented engineering team from Ukraine to India. Using the hiring methodology, Agilité ramped up the team in a record number of days (65, to be exact). As the global engineering team structure crystallized for our customer, Agilité demonstrably sustained the momentum of delivery of new products and capabilities and eventually increased velocity 2X in 4 months while reducing costs.

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