Globalize: M&A Due Diligence

The Problem 

Agilité works with Private Equity or Venture Capital strategy consultants on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) activity. Private Equity or Venture Capital firms are continually attracted to the evolving technology landscape resulting in a remarkable increase in software and technology-enabled deals. M&A Strategy consulting firms provide specialized investment advice and due diligence services to investors in Software, Technology, Cybersecurity, and E-Commerce (B2B and B2C). Our strategy clients work on several due-diligence projects concurrently, with detailed reports produced in aggressive timeframes. At Agilité, we analyze a large amount of information to glean valuable insights and recommendations for PE/VC investors. Based on these recommendations, investors pursue ensuing activities for a typical M&A deal.


The Solution

Agilité has a strategically designed team of experienced technologists and strategists, who efficiently collaborate with the client strategy team, perform a thorough document analysis, and deliver high-quality, complete, and detailed due-diligence reports with granular insights within a short timeframe. 


The Agilité team provides valuable perspectives to ensure that all potential risks are uncovered, which may have been overlooked owing to the vastness of the information corpus. The systematic approach used by the team helps to quickly analyze VDR documents well before the technical due diligence meetings so that all missing relevant information can be obtained and analyzed. The team corroborates information provided in the Tech due-diligence meetings with buyers/sellers/investors and the documentation to catch red flags and suggest improvements.


Agilité team strategically comprises a mix of technologists and technical writers for quick scalability and cost-efficiency. Using this blend of high-quality talent and offshore cost arbitrage, we have worked on M&A deals for our clients in the past in a very cost-effective manner.


The Result

The Agilité team assisted our client in producing high-quality and complete due diligence reports with valuable insights faster, enabling the client to attend to an extended investor base. Because of our ability to scale up while reducing costs, we have worked on more than 12 M&A deals between August 2021 and August 2022.

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