Operationalize: Quarterly Business Reviews

The Problem

Businesses operate in ever-shifting environments, and client goals evolve to such an extent that client goals discussed initially aren’t current. Clients often get so caught up in the daily routine that they lose perspective of the product/service. Clients share positive feedback and acknowledge that things are running smoothly, but they might not be able to see the scale of their achievements and the overall impact on their organization.


The Solution

Agilité has a client-centric focus, and the client’s opinion about our products/services carries much weight. We maintain regular touchpoints with them by conducting quarterly business reviews (QBRs) to ensure that the Agilité team is always in tune with the client objectives, has a recurring conversation around the value, and has regular feedback on the current/future processes. Each QBR presents a forum to highlight new ways to help clients achieve their goals, uncover addressed risks and opportunities, and ensure complete customer involvement in plans. The Agilité toolkit has templates that enable us to work with our clients to quantify the global team’s value, costs, risks, performance, overall strategic compatibility, and implement effective accountability.


The Results

Agilité conducts QBRs with all our customers. Over nine months, we uncovered operational challenges and risks because of disconnects between strategic and engineering functions for a life sciences customer during a series of QBRs. Since the QBR forum allowed for transparency into operational metrics, we successfully implemented action plans to remedy underlying issues. Consequently, the client saw tremendous value in the partnership and grew their investments with Agilité 2.5x.

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