Globalize: Flexing Talent

The Challenge Our customer with SaaS products in their portfolio wanted to change offshore engineering center from Europe to India and required the delivery capacity to flex as per strategy without losing momentum. Venture capital or private equity investors typically invest capital in accelerating execution momentum for any strategy in bursts. Therefore, flexing for high-quality […]

Harmonize: Agile Scrum with Global Delivery

The Challenge The product owner was accountable for end-to-end delivery: from roadmap creation to deployment of capability after engineering at one of our customers. This structure resulted from team composition before Agilité was engaged; each product team consisted of a product owner, a tech lead, and the engineering team. Product priorities frequently changed, and release […]

Harmonize: Prioritization in Product Strategy

The Challenge Our materials engineering SaaS customer wanted to launch a new product in 3 months to meet market demand. As was evident with the customer, prioritizing and organizing a product roadmap is a qualitative exercise that evokes unnecessary debate between product management and in-house engineering teams. Engineering teams respond well to empirical techniques, while […]

Globalize: Retention

The Challenge Attrition rates for offshore engineering and technology teams globally are alarmingly high because of various macro factors. One of our Life Sciences Customer wanted to switch engineering partners becayse the attrition rates adversely impact teams’ productivity and resulted in unpredictable delivery of capabilities or new products to the marketplace. Any deviation of go-to-market […]

Globalize: M&A Due Diligence

The Problem  Agilité works with Private Equity or Venture Capital strategy consultants on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) activity. Private Equity or Venture Capital firms are continually attracted to the evolving technology landscape resulting in a remarkable increase in software and technology-enabled deals. M&A Strategy consulting firms provide specialized investment advice and due diligence services to […]

Operationalize: Four Disciplines of Agile Execution

The Challenge Our customers adopted the Four Disciplines of Execution (4DX) framework to execute their business strategy. The proven framework encourages all participating teams to develop lead measures that would, in turn, impact the lag measures that help achieve the primary goal of any strategic plan. The technology and engineering team operate using a methodology […]

Operationalize: Quarterly Business Reviews

The Problem Businesses operate in ever-shifting environments, and client goals evolve to such an extent that client goals discussed initially aren’t current. Clients often get so caught up in the daily routine that they lose perspective of the product/service. Clients share positive feedback and acknowledge that things are running smoothly, but they might not be […]

Operationalize: Capital Expenditure in Product Engineering

The Problem The CFO of our customer wanted to capture the costs of engineering new products and product maintenance. When investors evaluate the profitability and valuation of SaaS product companies, two factors come into cognizance: Annualized Recurring Revenue and EBITDA. Without enforcing the engineering crew to adopt a very arduous time-keeping process, our customer wanted […]